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The Automotive Restorers guide blog posts written from personal experience, and are to help the reader better understand owning and restoring a classic car. 

The Automotive Restorers Guide book has many experienced companies listed. These companies will enable any enthusiast in their parts restoration. A door-to-door courier service that operates worldwide is also listed, so there is no need to search for classic car restoration near me.

The various companies featured in the Automotive Restorers Guide offer fair costs to the work which they conduct. If you are looking for classic car restoration in England or worldwide; then the guide will provide a valuable source of information. This will save the reader time searching for classic car restoration.

The different blogs feature both classic car parts restoration and insurance information.

Classic Car Insurance

  • Free Agreed Value
  • Free Skytag GPS Tracker
  • Salvage Retention as Standard
  • Up to 15% Car Club Discount

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